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"At Endurance Horses and Hay Inc, we have been competing in the sport of endurance for many years. Always looking for cutting edge technology to help better the health and performance of our equine athletes we were excited when we found Equiwinner. Our endurance horses train between 30-50 miles a week and compete in distances of 50, 75 and 100 mile races in very hot and humid conditions. Proper electrolyte balance is essential to keeping our horses fit to continue in their training and during competition. Supplementing electrolytes orally during training and competition is a given, and Equiwinner has helped our horses bodies be able to utilize those electrolytes properly. We have found success with this product on many levels from horses prone to tying-up to even helping older mares get in foal during breeding season. It's a wonderful product that we stand by, and are grateful to have in our program."

Endurance Horses and Hay Inc.
Bivins, TX

“I started two of my competition horses on Equiwinner patches before traveling and an event. I noticed significant changes within a week. Not only were they more consistent in their drinking habits but their appearance and coats had improved. They also had a distinct boost in energy and stamina. I am looking forward to making the patches a part of our ongoing maintenance and would highly recommend them.”

Watch the video to learn how Jenni McAllister now manages her horses' hydration with more confidence.

Jenni McAllister, Ocala, FL
3x Longines FEI Show Jumping World Cup Finalist

"I have an event horse that is prone to tying up, and I had tried ALL the things diet and management related and every supplement under the sun: vitamin E, magnesium, electrolytes, muscle relaxants ... nothing worked and a friend suggested I try the Equiwinner patches. With your money back guarantee I figured I had nothing to lose and I'll be damned if they didn't do the trick! I still am not entirely sure how they work, only that they DO work, and she gets a pack of them every season for maintenance. Before Equiwinner I assumed I would need to retire my mare from eventing and your product prolonged her career by several seasons. Thank you for making a real difference in horses' lives!"

Leslie Wylie, 3-day Eventer, Knoxville, TN

"We were having problems with dehydration during long distance transport. This would cause serious performance issues. These patches work, period! Since using the patches, we have seen drastic improvement."

Eric Ell, trainer of JL Cruze, 2015 Dan Patch Champion

"I was first introduced to Equiwinner with American Girl. She was always having problems tying up and we started her on the patches. We tracked her blood work very closely and we know Equiwinner works 100%. Since then we have used them on all our horses in training; the inner workings of a horse is everything."

Ernie Gaskin, Anderson, IN

"We own a very talented and handsome grey 10 yr old imported German Holsteiner named Calfino who shows Hunter/Jumper and is very competitive at the A level in Ontario, Canada.  Several years ago Cal developed a rather extreme headshaking habit that began every spring and made him almost unrideable at times and certainly ruled him out of the Hunter ring.  Nothing worked to stop the headshaking until we found Equiwinner. With Equiwinner Cal became absolutely perfect and reliable again! Every year we order our patches in the spring and apply them - we experimented one year and waited to see if the shaking would return - it did! Equiwinner is one of the only equine products that I know for sure has worked - we try lots of different treatments and products and never have we had such clear evidence of success!"

Deborah Flak
Sky Haven Equestrian Centre, Bethany, ON

2x WPRA World Champion barrel racer, Mary Burger, uses Equiwinner for tying-up and bleeding EIPH.

“Mo has not tied up since I’ve used Equiwinner, and my backup horse has not bled since his treatment either.”

5 years later, Mary Burger now treats her healthy 3 year old. Find out why.

Mary Burger, Pauls Valley, OK
4x NFR Qualifier, 2x WPRA Barrel Racing World Champion, 2016 Calgary Stampede Champion

“I love that Equiwinner works without having to buy special feed or injecting. I have used this product for years on mares and geldings and you can see results fast. Wanaka is a great filly and when she would get moody and tie up, we would put the patch on and see results within the first 2 days. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking to treat a horse that frequently ties up. Also works with a horse that seems to be down on energy or sour. No mess, no fuss . . just great results. I am a believer in Equiwinner.”

Trevor Henry, one of Canada’s top winning harness drivers

“We started using Equiwinner patches about 5 years ago. We use them on all Judge Lanier Racing horses, both on the track and when home resting. We have had satisfactory results and they live up to what they are purported to be. Judge Lanier Racing has been in the top 100 owners in the nation for the past 3 years, and feel that they help the horses as the horses are better after 10 days of patches.”

Sandra & Tom McKenna of Judge Lanier Racing

“I just wanted to let you know that these patches saved my horse. He quit sweating. I had him his entire life. He is an amazing shooting horse and I’m a level 6 shooter. It was devastating. I researched and read and ordered the patches and had them overnighted to me and within 2 days he was sweating. Without the patches my horse would have had to be retired. Thank you for this amazing product.”

Dianne Lipham, Lynchburg, TN
2017 CMSA Reserve World Champion Cowgirl, 2020 Champion Cowgirl

Standardbred trainer/driver, Kelly Hoerdt, uses Equiwinner for bleeding EIPH, tying-up and general health on his race horses.

“Equiwinner is a routine treatment for my horses over the last 4 years. I’ve had extraordinary results treating and preventing Azoturia (tying up) and EIPH (bleeding) avoiding the high cost to treat these ongoing racehorse ailments in a simple nonintrusive application. The horses’ coats look shiny and healthy throughout the year with 1 ten day treatment. My horses ship better and are not washing out in the hot summer months during peak race season.”

Kelly Hoerdt, Beaumont, AB
2013 & 2020 O’Brien Award of Horsemanship

Equiwinner helps Shyah Smith's barrel horse Daytona stay calm and focused.

Then she wins the youth championship at NBHA Professional's Choice Vegas Super Show 2019.

"I truly believe Equiwinner gives Daytona a competitive edge against tough competition. We just finished her 10 day treatment on the day we hauled to Las Vegas and she felt great the whole time. Thank you!"

Amanda Smith, Shyah's mom, Marana, AZ

Taylor McLain 2022 WPRA Juniors Qualifier depends on Equiwinner

"My 1d winning mare “Top Cut Merada” had multiple trips to the vet because she wasn’t clocking like she normally does and I found out she was a non-sweater. I tried supplements and remedies that where suggested but nothing worked. I bought a box of Equiwinner patches and, within two days, she was back to pouring sweat in the Florida heat and back to firing and winning barrel races again. I also had this mare “Lena” that tied up a few times with me. I did a box of Equiwinner on her too and, never had an issue since with tying-up. I also ran 1d winner “Four B Firewater Leo”. The owner did a box of Equiwinner patches too because he wasn’t drinking on the road like he should and not firing like normal. When I got the horse in, he never gave me a problem with drinking or eating while being on the road. Shortly after he was back to winning also. I never really have faith in products until I see results first hand so now Equiwinner is a must have in my barn! No loading doses, no months of feed through supplement that goes to waste, no messy liquid or paste, and fast results."

Taylor McLain, Punta Gorda, FL
2022 WPRA Juniors Qualifier

Troy Fischer
8x CFR Qualifier, Canadian Champion Header

Canadian Champion Header Treats Family Herd with Equiwinner.

“My head horse, Ace, started shaking his head last summer and I wasn’t sure what was happening. When it started up again this spring, I knew I needed to try something. I discovered Equiwinner patches and had to give them a try after reading several testimonials.

“Now, I am a ranch raised, old school cowboy, that doesn’t get too excited about products until I have some proof of my own. I had nothing to lose, and to be completely honest, didn’t know if I had much faith in this either. I started with the patches and by day 4, Ace’s coat became shinier and he started to look noticeably better. At day 7, his head shaking had drastically reduced. After 10 days with Equiwinner, I had a head horse that looked and felt great. His headshaking was nearly gone, and he had more energy than I ever remember him having. This was proof enough to try this product on our barrel horses too.

“We have 2 teenage daughters that run barrels and we immediately started their horses on Equiwinner patches too. They started to make runs that were better than we were expecting. They too shed out better, had better appetites, and drank better on the road. Bryce’s 11 year old mare, Crazy Alice, had a noticeable better recovery time after runs, and became much more consistent. Branna’s 20 year old gelding, Hank, found a serious second wind on life!

“We are sold on Equiwinner patches and what they have done for our horses. They are affordable, easy to use, and effective. The overall herd health is all the proof we need. I would recommend this product to anyone. Thank you, Equiwinner, for getting our horses back to normal!”

Barrel racer Branna Fischer depends on Equiwinner for better health and performance.

Branna Fischer, Hillsboro, TX

6 Years Later, Branna Fischer has grown up and still depends on Equiwinner.

"Equiwinner patches have become a “must have” for me. I have been using them for nearly eight years and have noticed differences in every horse. Whether it is doing the 10-day treatment or just putting them on when needed, I trust Equiwinner to keep my horses feeling their best.

"In April, my good mare, Crazy Alice, began to colic the Tuesday before my last college rodeo of the semester due to dehydration. I took her to the vet, they put her on an IV, and I started her on Equiwinner. By Friday she had completely recovered and by Saturday I was able to run her. Not only was I able to run her, but she finished in the top 20 out of 100+ girls in the Texas Southern Region.

"And Crazy Alice has always been a hard to keep an appetite on when hauling. Since Equiwinner though, her appetite and desire to drink while on the road has improved drastically.

"Equiwinner has also helped reduce the recovery time in my horses drastically. They gain energy back faster and then perform better.

"After the spring season, I decided to retire Crazy Alice and I am now running my eight year old gelding, Lotto. Once again, I have put my trust in Equiwinner for him as well. Equiwinner helps him feel and look his best. The Texas summers have been unusually hot this year, especially for our horses that were in Alberta, like Lotto. However, Equiwinner has once again made the adjustment easy for them, and we have had no issues with them not sweating or drinking.

"I use Equiwinner because it works! It is easy to use, affordable and for years I have been able to see real results on all of my horses. I would recommend this product to anyone because I know that without it, my horses would not be looking or feeling the way they do. Thank you Equiwinner."


Four star event horse’s appetite and hoof growth improve.

“After trying so many different supplements and ulcer treatments, I was a little skeptical if the Equiwinner patches could help my horse. After using them on my four star event horse I was very impressed at the results. Within 5 days of using the patches my “hard keeper Thoroughbred” began eating all of his feed. Now 6 weeks after using the Equiwinner patches his hoof growth has doubled. His coat and skin look amazing. I am excited to use them on my other horses. I definitely recommend the Equiwinner patches for event horses. They really make a difference!”

Anna Collier, 3-day Event Rider/Trainer, 2015 Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event Competitor

“We travel International Professional Rodeo in Eastern Canada and the US. We put a lot of miles on in a year. We tried Equiwinner on our bulldogging team. The hazing horse “Danny” would not drink other places or while traveling. He was also excessively sweating from head to tail. The patches helped him to drink everywhere and has controlled the sweat issue. In 2014, our bulldogging horse, Colonel Pats Gin, “Smokey”, was the IPRA steer wrestling horse of the year, the first Canadian horse to win this title. The patches helped him with much better muscle recovery.

“My barrel horse never sweated and I just thought it was because he was not applying himself to his job. Once I used the patches, I could work him into a sweat so obviously it was an issue. Thanks Equiwinner!”

Julie Forrest, Crediton, ON

Barrel racer Carley Turak

"I’ve been running my current open horse for the past three years. She has really bad tying up episodes, and they are hard to prevent. We have tried everything. We tested her for PSSM, which was negative. We changed her diet up several times. Tried so many supplements. Had her on daily dantrolene and methocarbamol. She still would tie up. I had to ride her every single day, because if I didn’t she would tie up after. My mom found your patches and decided, why not try them. We took her off all supplements, and dantrolene and methocarbomol. We are 5 weeks in after her Equiwinner treatment, and she has not tied up once. I can now let her sit for a few days and get on her and not worry that she is going to tie up. She is running so well, we just won our first saddle this past weekend. We just ordered two more treatments for my upcoming futurity horses. Thank you for making such honest products."

 Carley Turak, IN

Carrie Hirshberg, Mesa, AZ
2019 Western Natl Overall Cowgirl

“I had just spent over $100 on oral paste electrolytes for our two main performance horses which would only last a month with our competition schedule. Not to mention, they all hate it when I give it to them and seems they don’t eat or drink for a while since I just put a nasty taste in their mouth. Then Equiwinner came into my life, at the perfect time! I tried the 10 day patch system to get my horses to use THEIR OWN electrolytes correctly. Let me tell you, they really do work. One of our horses would tie up if she had a week off of riding exercise. We went out of town about a month and a half after the patch treatment, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to TEST this method. Low and behold, she did NOT tie up when put back to work after a week off!! That same horse would be slow to sweat during a work out. Instantly after the treatment, started sweating earlier in her work out, like she should. All of our horses will continue to get Equiwinner at least once a year.

PS. I still have those oral paste tubes. I have not had the need to administer them since they eat, drink, sweat and rebound properly.”

After competing in Oklahoma and ready to start heading home to Idaho, temperatures dropped and freezing rain set in. We loaded up and headed out, but the journey proved to be more difficult than we anticipated. We were on the road for 10 hours with 2 stops to water, walk, and feed the horses. When we pulled into New Mexico, we quickly realized that the barrel horse was sick. She could barely move. We had no idea what was happening so we called our vet for advice. He advised us on what to give her, but NOTHING seemed to be working. Right then and there, we thought we were going to lose her.

We had two Equwinner patches left, so my husband suggested that we try one of them. Within two hours of applying the patch, the horse's eyes became clear and she began to drink and eat. Within eight hours, she was able to continue the journey back to Idaho. We patched her for the next four days, and she never fell back into what could have been a horrible outcome. We're grateful that we had the Equwinner patches with us; without them, our horse might not have made it. We never haul long distances without them and also use them successfully for EIPH bleeding.

Mara Ream, Dingle, ID

Nancy Csabay, Taber, AB
7x CFR Qualifier, 2014 Cowgirl of the Year, 2015/16 Canadian Champion

“Equiwinner has a significant role in keeping Wicked in peak performance and wanting to do her job. I have the utmost faith in Equiwinner and will continue to use it on my horses.”

Watch the video for an update from Nancy after 6 years with Equiwinner.

Photo credit Birtz Photographie

Kim Picard, Drummondville, Québec

Championne de la course de barils du Festival western de Saint-Tite 2022

Première place au classement canadien 2019 des cowgirls en course de barils de l’International Professional Rodeo Association

“Je fais de la course de barils et j'habite au Québec. J'utilise Equiwinner depuis maintenant quatre ans pour traiter le headshaking de mon cheval. Comme c'est très peu connu ici, j'ai mené mon enquête et essayer beaucoup de chose pour tenter de soulager ses crises. Même l'hôpital vétérinaire la plus reconnu au Québec n'a rien eu à me suggérer pour aider mon cheval. C'est une amie à moi du Texas qui m'a proposé d'essayer Equiwinner. Je ne savais pas comment ça pouvait aider mon cheval, mais je savais que ça ne pouvait pas lui nuire alors j'ai décidé d'essayer un traitement. Ce fut une des meilleurs décisions que j'ai prise dans ma vie. Déjà après 7 jours de traitements, je commençais à remarquer les crises beaucoup moins intenses et fréquentes. Avec Equiwinner, je réussi à diminuer d'au moins 70% ses symptômes de headshaking. Rien de tout ce que j'ai pu essayer n'a autant aider mon cheval. Maintenant, Equiwinner n'est plus un "must need", c'est devenue une nécessité dans mon cas. Je me dis également que si ce produit peut aider autant un cheval étant à ce point "malade", cela prouve tout l'efficacité de ce produit. Mon cheval étant de couleurs baie foncé, devenait toujours couleur presque dun en été puis maintenant, il reste de la même couleur. J'utilise aussi les patchs dans la remorque lors de long voyage et mon cheval garde la forme comme jamais malgré la route. Je suis une cliente 200% satisfaite et je le recommande à tous!"

Kassidy Pruett & THP Fiesta Rey

“Equiwinner has been a complete game charger for my barrel horses! The horse I rodeo on is a bleeder, is high strung, and a kicker in the trailer. After doing the 10 day patch treatment, I saw significant help with his bleeding and recovery after a run. He completely chilled out and even stopped kicking in the trailer! The results were awesome! I then decided to use the patches on two of my futurity horses. Before, traveling to their first big futurity, they were on the trailer for a total of 13hrs due to trailer trouble. They didn’t move the entire drive or the time we spent being on the side of the road. The both of them not only traveled comfortably, but drank great the whole week. To top it off, both of their haircoats look AMAZING!

“The Equiwinner patches will always be a staple in my program, to help ensure my horses success in and out of the arena!”

Kassidy Pruett, Cedar Lane, TX

Suzygottanewheart, Michigan State Champion

Equiwinner helped another dream come true.

"I have worked around horses most of my life. My best horse came along last year. I named him Suzygottanewheart in honor of my baby sister's heart battle in 2018. It was a courageous battle for eight months in the University of Michigan Hospital cardiac care. As you can see, it ended well with her receiving a new heart.

We call him Bob, he doesn’t like being called Suzy. He was doing well in his training last year early. He then seemingly fell apart, EPM, soreness, it seemed hopeless. While on a layoff, I tried Equiwinner patches, along with other treatments.

In his first start back he won by ten lengths. The next start, my largest win of my lifetime, the Michigan Sire Stakes, he won that by ten lengths also. Next three races were good, they weren’t wins, but that’s expected. He then finished the summer by winning his last three races. The final race was the Great Lakes stake, he won by a nose. He won enough for state champion for two year old trotters. I’ve ordered some patches again, our three year old season starts July 13. Hopefully another great summer."

John Goodyear, Standardbred Owner/Trainer

Postmark closes 15 lengths in stretch after treatment with Equiwinner for bleeding. Then wins $14,000 1 Mile Pace and next $21,000 1 Mile Pace.

“On September 8th, 2007, my filly Postmark bled from her nose after a dull effort. She had raced without her normal closing kick her previous 2 starts and I presume that she bled then also. I gave her three weeks of jogging to allow her lungs to clear and then worked her a mile in 2:12. She bled again from her nose and I and my partner decided to quit with her for the year. That afternoon, I came across the Equiwinner website and decided to try the patches before I quit with her. I used the patches for ten days, then qualified her on Oct. 16. I had her scoped afterward and she had a very small trace of blood at the bottom of her air passageway. I went ahead and raced her without lasix and she scoped clean except for excess mucus with a single drop of blood in it. “Veterinarian estimates were that on a scale of 1-5, she had gone from a 5 to a 0.5 on bleeding. I put her on 4cc of lasix, raced her again and she scoped clean. I then sent her to Woodbine to race and the results are as shown on Signal-Health’s website. There is no question in my mind that these patches work. I have purchased additional sets of patches for friends and would judge that in all cases the horses’ performance improved, sometimes dramatically.”

Charles Stillings, standardbred owner

“I have seen the Equiwinner patches work to help non sweaters sweat and horses who have trouble acclimating to the heat acclimate quickly. I personally own one of these horses and would strongly recommend this non-invasive technology to anyone with a horse showing these symptoms.”

Dr. Elizabeth Maloney, DVM
Franklin, MA

Equiwinner can transform a horse quickly.

"May 10 she still looked like a woolly mammoth when all other horses in our area were fully shed out. And she had awful condition. Behind her withers was sunk in and just a terrible topline."

"This is definitely going to continue to be a part of our maintenance program!"

A picture's worth a 1000 words!

Barrel racer Stephanie Warkentin, Namba, AB

Pete, a 2900lb Belgian pulling horse wasn't sweating until Henry Hawkins tried Equiwinner.

No job is too big for Equiwinner!
Pete is a 2900 lb 7 year old Belgian pulling horse. “He stopped sweating during the heat wave we had in June 2018 here in Indiana. He would hyperventilate and nothing seemed to help. After 3 days of wearing the patch his condition improved significantly and he has continued to improve. I competed with him after day 6 when the temperature was 88 degrees and he performed well. He sweated during the pull and seems to be back to normal. I would recommend the patch to anyone with a similar problem.”

Henry Hawkins, Indiana

“My very favorite and top producing Gypsy mare wasn’t sweating. I tried other feed additives that didn’t work. My vet said I should sell her to someone up North. My best mare?! AAhhhhhhh! I tried Equiwinner. It had a guarantee so how could I lose. YIPEE!! My best mare now sweats and we are BOTH very happy . . . . as are her sweet foals. THANKS Equiwinner!”

Linda Brown, A Wizards Spell Ranch, Burleson, TX

Tying-up did not stop barrel racer Trula Churchill from qualifying for her first NFR in 2012.

“I started using the Equiwinner patches on Worm after a tie-up episode in the fall of 2012. He hasn’t had a tie-up episode since! I haven’t ever used any other product that has helped my horses as effectively as Equiwinner does.”

Trula Churchill, 2011 Canadian Champion, NFR Qualifier 2012-13-14!

“I have used Equiwinner patches on three separate horses and feel they were beneficial on all. I noticed stronger finishes and less nervousness on all three horses. I fully expect to continue using the Equiwinner patch in the future on any horses that I suspect of being bleeders or non-sweaters.”

Barrel racer Kay Young, National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and 7x NFR competitor on 5 different horses.

Watch the video update above to learn how Kay Young continues to use Equiwinner.

“Equiwinner patches have been an integral part of the program which keeps my show jumpers in top form. From overall coat condition to finishing strong off a big jumping track, my horses are in the best shape ever since the use of the patches.

“We compete roughly 20 weeks every year throughout California, Nevada and Canada. Keeping the electrolytes balanced during the stresses of travel and competition is imperative. I find that two to four treatments per year is optimal for the amount of time we spend on the road. It’s a win-win with the Equiwinner guarantee…and the stellar customer service!”

Erika Cooper with EKC Equestrian, CA

"My horse Ludo has struggled a lot in the hot summers of Arizona since I’ve had him! I’ve tried many different supplements to help him sweat better and nothing ever seemed to help him very much. I recently purchased the Equiwinner patches and tried it in hopes that he would start to sweat better! Today we had our first lesson since using the patches and I finally saw a good amount of sweat on him!! He also was breathing significantly better too because he actually sweated!!! It helped him tremendously ! I honestly couldn’t believe it because I've tried so many things with no success. I am so thankful to the Equiwinner product for helping him to finally feel better ! It made me so happy!!!"

Brittany Jo Young, Queen Creek, AZ

Headshaking success and more!

“Equiwinner patches are the real deal. I was introduced to them by Trula Churchill who had had success with her horse that was tying up. I have used them on a horse that was a headshaker. Within five days of using the patch I began to notice a change. The headshaking became less every day. The headshaking did not totally go away but I would say 90% improvement. Another change I noticed was that he began to eat and drink better on the road. He had never been one that would drink when I would stop on the road and now he does. I also used the patches on a mare that was anhidrotic. I bought her in the middle of the summer and brought her to Texas. I took her off of the supplements that the previous owners were using to help her sweat and did the Equiwinner patch treatment on her. On the 13th day I noticed a change in her sweating pattern. She began to sweat more on her neck and between her back legs. She also was much more comfortable and not panting. My horses look and act like they feel very good. I will use the Equiwinner patch on all my horses to give them the opportunity to feel their very best. I recommend Equiwinner for every horse.”

Corley Cox, NFR qualifier, Futurity Champion , Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame inductee

Jennifer Dougherty
International FEI Event Rider
“I have never written to a company before but Equiwinner patches have changed my horses and my own life. Two years ago my prelim event horse stopped sweating. Like everyone else, I tried everything. Nothing worked. By mid summer he had lost patches of hair on his face and panted all the time. I had to keep him inside with a fan on him. He was not ridable.

“I had heard through a vet down south about these patches. He seemed skeptical but I felt desperate. After a few days, he started sweating under the patch. I had a glimmer of hope. Within two weeks he was sweating, not quite like a normal horse but so much better. His coat became shiny again and he started to grow hair back on his face. His appetite also improved along with his general attitude.

“Two years later I now do the patches once or twice a year and he has returned to competing during the summer and sweats like any other horse. Equiwinner saved my horse. I have also used it on another horse with the same results. I would highly recommend Equiwinner patches. Please spread the word, it can change not only your horses’ lives but your own.”

“I ran Ghost last weekend in a 3 day barrel race. We won the average and our first belt buckle. No head shaking at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy and very excited. 9 years we have been dealing with Ghost’s headshaking. Thank you. I have my old guy back. Love your product.”

Wendy Parker, Yampa, CO

“I’d been managing the anhydrosis of my gifted young horse, Stratocaster, by riding him early in the morning, feeding him beer and paying him extra mind on hot days, but I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to compete him at, inevitably, 1 pm on an 106° afternoon at some major competition, and I needed a new strategy. After playing with his nutrition to little effect, I stumbled upon Equiwinner. After one ten-day course of application, “Fender” began to sweat almost completely normally, and recover more quickly than I’d ever seen. Equiwinner is the last thing – of many! – that I tried, but hands-down the best. It’s allowed my talented horse to train and compete normally, and given me tremendous peace of mind.”

Lauren Sprieser, USDF Gold, Silver & Bronze Medalist, High Performance Dressage rider and trainer & blogger for Chronicle of the Horse

Things were not going well for this filly until she became an Equiwinner horse!

“In the fall of 2014, while running horses at the Downs of Albuquerque, I spotted Oh If I Catch You. While she had eleven starts, she was near 50% in the money. I was impressed with her breeding and background. Her sire was a KY bred multi grade stakes winner; her dam did not run, however, her lineage included Northern Dancer and Raise a Native. Oh If I Catch You ran in 2015 without success. At the track in Farmington, NM, she bled during races. The only advice from the vet was to double up on the lasix. At the Downs of Albuquerque she bled during a race covering the jockey and herself. She was vanned off the track. If she had bled during another race, she would have been banned from the track for a year. It was then I began searching the internet for a solution to the filly’s bleeding problem, and found Equiwinner patches.

“After using the patches on Oh If I Catch You, she photoed for the win on her first race out. Since then she has won three races in a row. Because of our success with this product, we have started two other fillies on the patches.”

Clara Moore Thomas and Tom Thomas

A better horse in 4 days!

“A little over three years ago I had someone tell me about Equiwinner patches and what they could do. At the time, I had a filly that was tying-up real bad, so I put the patch to the ten day test. After the 4th day, I could start to see a better horse and after day ten, she was back to normal. I’ve probably had about 5-6 horses since then that it really turned around. So now when I claim or buy horses, I just put them on the ten day patch so I know their electrolytes are in order. Seeing is believing.”

Gary Hartlage, Red Dog Racing Stables

“All I can say is Equiwinner patches are amazing. Most of 2016 I had a real problem with my futurity horse tying up. I had to draw out of numerous futurities due to the problem. It wasn’t until fall in Wyoming she tied up again. That’s when I heard about Equiwinner. They overnighted the patches and I was able to compete the rest of the month. Not only has she not tied up since, her coat is shiny and she looks and acts amazing. Equiwinner patches definitely work.”

Randee Hedrick, Pro Barrel Racer, Futurity and Derby Champion, 2016 Derby World Champion

“I just wanted to update you on the use of Equiwinner on my 17 yr old Buckskin mare. I used it as instructed in April. I bred my mare in May and she produced 2 embryos (twins) without super ovulating. We flushed to save both embryos and put each in 2 donor mares . . . so I will have 2 babies in the spring. AND she has NOT tied up again. Again, thank you for such a unique and successful product which I am very pleased to say, I believe that is what produced twins and has stopped the tying up in my 17 yr old mare.”

Sandy Crow, Richland, WA

“I’m a 3 day event rider and trainer. I have a horse in my string that has been an extremely competitive prelim horse looking for his 1* debut next year. He was having some issues with being stiff and having muscle tie up issues for a couple months and after trying to change his diet and having his massage therapist and chiropractor out we were at a loss. Before our last event at MidSouth Three Day Event at Kentucky Horse Park, my trainer, Jennifer Dougherty, gave me a 10 day patch kit and told me to try them. The owner of the horse and I were pretty skeptical on how a patch that just sticks on was going to help the issue but decided to give it a try. Without changing any of his workout sessions or feeding/diet we started using the patches 10 days out from the show date. After the 3rd day of changing the patches i started to notice a change in his suppleness and push from his hind. By the time we got to KY he felt like a completely different horse than he has all year (in a good way). He gave me a great dressage ride and I could tell he was much happier while galloping cross country. He ended up placing second for his last qualifying score for CCI 1*. I’m a true believer in the patches and the effect they had on our situation. You can also thank Jennifer Dougherty because if it wasn’t for her giving me a kit convincing me to use it I would have never believed that a simple stick on patch could change a horse’s happiness and willingness to work that much. Thank you for a great product to the equestrian world.”

Ryan Bean, FEI 3 Day Event Rider/Trainer

“Miles is a headshaker during the summer months. It had been controlled with cyproheptadine until last year when he was in such distress he could not be ridden until fall. Then, in the spring he was back in distress by the end of April. I found your Equiwinner patch through my trainer in May. She had seen good results on other horses for sweating issues. The patch has been a life-saver not only for Miles but me as well. I had done everything I could to try to help him with no success. Watching him in distress took its toll on both of us. After the third day on the patch he was completely back to normal and has been schooling all summer. I repeated the patch in July when I thought I saw some twitching coming back. I ordered again now (September) just to have the patch on hand. I kept him on the cypro this summer but I am hoping he won’t need it next year. The vets that know Miles are struggling to explain the change in him. It is not the case that he was helped a little – it was a complete and immediate change from involuntary head twitching and shaking, lack of appetite, and malaise to being normal in every way. He’s happy again. In addition, I stopped putting the thick UV block mask on him because it is so hot for him to wear in the summer and he shows no signs of any problem with UV light. The Equiwinner Patch gave me my horse back. Thank you.”

Andrea Steele, Durham, CT

Healthier horses for everyone, everywhere! Equiwinner™ does that, whether you’re a pro or you just love your horse.

“2 years ago I began the process of putting a foundation on my mare to become a professional barrel horse. Breathing issues (or so I thought) kept the progress slow and frustrating. Over the course of a year and a half, my mare went through numerous medical procedures and was prescribed several different drugs all in a futile and expensive effort to solve her problem. We never considered the possibility of her breathing problem as anhidrosis. I live in a very dry climate and anhidrosis is rare in this region. The disease finally progressed to the point she could not sweat at all and one hot day I found her panting in her paddock which finally clued me in.
“I was thrilled to finally have a diagnosis, not realizing the cure was going to be as difficult to find as the diagnosis. Supplements, beer, electrolytes, acupuncture, riding when the weather cooled off, hosing her off before, during and after a training session all helped….a little. FINALLY I found Equiwinner patches and decided they were a no-brain’r considering Signal-Health offered a money back guarantee. I applied them and they worked great… for about 6 weeks.

“When I called Barbara to get my money back she was more than willing to issue me a refund but thankfully offered me another set of patches with some ideas on diet changes rather than the refund. Of course my preference was a cure over getting a refund so I agreed to try the 2nd set of patches with diet changes that reduced her alfalfa and carbohydrate intake along with extremely limited pasture access to keep her blood sugar from hitting highs and lows.

“I applied the 2nd set of patches in April and my mare immediately began sweating again. We had a record breaking hot summer and she exhibited NO signs of anhidrosis all summer long.

“A completely unexpected bonus to the Equiwinner patches and diet change was the help they gave this mare with her hormone issues. In previous years she always cycled extremely hard and this spring was proving to be no different. After the 2nd set of patches and Barbara’s help with a feed change this mare’s hormone problems disappeared until late summer. A small change to her feed program brought the hormone issues back but returning to the previous feed program leveled her back out again.

“Thank you Signal Health for a great product and Barbara for all your expertise and assistance!”

Karen Turek, Fort Collins, CO

“Thank you SOOOO Much . . . He is sweating like I cannot believe . . . I will be in touch next spring at the latest to get another box . . . ”

Lanette Hitechew, Orlando, FL

“We used Equiwinner on our Stormy who suffers not only from anhidrosis, but heaves. She has had an amazing summer in comfort. We will repeat the patches for her again shortly, but she is sweating better and she is breathing better and we are out of our minds excited about this patch system.”

Raymond Petterson
President of Sox For Horses, Inc.

“Equiwinner just seems to help a horse’s health generally. I’ve never had a horse that hasn’t looked better after using the patches.”

Peter Pugh
thoroughbred trainer

“We did the maintenance in April and Hannah is sweating perfectly! She was actually sweating great after the two series we did last year. I can’t thank you enough. I can now keep Hannah in Florida with me THANKS to you!”

Betsy Linamen, Ft.Myers, FL

“Equiwinner patches. They work. One of my TB’s is a non sweater. 10 days on the patches and he wins his next start, he had been running bad.”

Flypony on The Chronicle of the Horse forum

“The Equiwinner patch is what worked for my mare. We tried OneAC, Let Em Sweat, beer, changing her feed to alfalfa pellets and nothing worked. We did the patch in March and she’s sweating good now. I’m pleased and will get the patch again next spring.”

twhs on The Chronicle of the Horse forum

“Great news, at the hunter-jumper show this weekend, my school horse returned to dripping sweat in the heat of the afternoon classes. Horray!!!!!!!!!! I surely think Equiwinner has helped him return to normal. This treatment has my recommendation”

Elaine Hollis, Cape Coral, FL

“I used the patches on a (barrel horse) bleeder last year with great results. He’s an 18 yr old stud and fired harder than he ever has after using the patches. I highly recommend them.”

Shannon Porch-Reed
South Dakota

Quarter horse starts sweating after 16 years!

“I want to tell you how thrilled I am to have found Equiwinner patches. My 21 year old QH R.B. stopped sweating when he was 5. We live in Alabama where the summers are long and in the mid to upper 90s with very high humidity. This horse really suffered even with fans on him. I have spent many hours hosing him to give him some relief. I have tried every supplement on the market with no success. I found your patches when I googled Anhidrosis in an attempt to find some help. I figured, with a money back guarantee, what did I have to lose? You can imagine how excited I was when R.B. started to sweat on the fourth day of using the patches! That was two months ago and he is still sweating. I cannot thank you enough for your product.”

Deborah Oiler, Montgomery, AL

“I would like to thank you for your product. I bought a horse that I felt so sorry for as he was beautiful. He bled that bad on many occasions that he was warned off from the race track and on veterinarian advice was told he would never race again. After one course of treatment of your patches, the horse has never looked or felt better and has run successfully since, winning two races in a row this year and been placed many times. Thank you .”

Brian Malone, thoroughbred owner

“I heard about Equiwinner from another trainer when our horse, Ambro Continental, had to be pulled from the Breeders Crown Trot at Mohawk Racetrack in August. This is a horse who spends most of the day outside and doesn’t like to be out of his environment, and after being in the retention barn he just got tied up tight as a drum. He tied up so badly, his numbers were off the charts. We actually couldn’t get a reading on him for six days. We then tried Equiwinner and I’m pretty sure it’s the only thing that got him going. He just got better and better. Equiwinner saved him.”

Steve Bossence, standardbred trainer

“I just wanted to let you know that I do feel like there is an improvement on my horse’s headshaking. I finished his treatment 1 day ago and I rode him today at the worst time of the day, lunch time. It’s 96 degrees here today with 94% humidity and I feel like he is better, I would say 90% BETTER, which is a great improvement. I just took him on a trail ride but you could enjoy yourself without having to deal with him shaking his head the whole time. He did shake some but there were some flies and not anymore than the other four horses. I know he is feeling better and he looks great. He is just about jet black where he was a dark chocolate before.”

Sherry Sturma
Rusty Gate Sport Horses, Silverhill, AL

Barrel horse starts sweating after 9 years.

“I have a 17 year old barrel horse who quit sweating at 7 years old. Every summer since then I could not compete on him between the months of June to September in the hot, humid Texas heat where we live. He would have to be stalled daily with fans and misters on him. Over the years, I have had every test run on him possible, administered numerous medications, and tried multiple supplements to no avail. By the time he was 14, I had just accepted the fact he would never sweat during the summer. Two years ago a friend told me about the Equiwinner Patches. I started him on them in late June. He sweated a little bit that summer and did not stand out under his fan/misters panting like a dog, but I was still too afraid to run him. I talked to Signal-Health and they had me start him on the patches a little earlier, so I started them in April last year. He still did not sweat like a normal horse, but he would have sweat on his neck and under his saddle which was a dramatic improvement. He also did not ever seem to be in any distress so for the first time in 9 years I was able to compete on him throughout the summer of last year. Thank you Equiwinner for giving me my Best Friend his summers back.”

Kim McCoy, New Boston, TX

“I had issues with my horse (evented through Intermediate) at times he would not sweat at all. . . I searched the internet and found a patch by Equiwinner. It is a 10 day treatment, 1 patch a day and satisfaction guaranteed. This did work for my horse and he has no issues anymore. He is now retired but did a little training last year and was fine. . . I would recommend this product to anyone who is having these types of issues. Plus it is (was) relatively inexpensive.”

kschling on The Chronicle of the Horse forum

“I tried Equiwinner this summer with my event mare that suffers from anhidrosis. She had been on another supplement that had worked for her for the past few years but this summer stopped working for her. I was skeptical at first but the patches were recommended to me by a professional in the horse industry that I trust completely. I also felt like I didn’t have anything to lose by trying them since they have a money back guarantee. Within five days of using the patches my mare was sweating like crazy! Before the patches on hot humid days (so, basically all summer in Wisconsin) she would be out in the pasture panting. Her respiratory rate would be scary. I would bring her in and cold hose her and put her in her stall in front of a fan . . . she was also on another supplement for anhidrosis that helped a bit but nothing like the Equiwinner patch. I can’t give the patches enough of a positive review. They have changed my life and the life of my mare. Thank you Equiwinner!”

Tamara Hellenbrand

“For the first time ever, we were able to do three days in a row at the Mount Carmel endurance ride. My mare drank very well on the trail the entire day. And she also ate grass very well on the trail every day. This is unprecedented behavior for her. I also noticed that her coat is shouted out very shiny with dapples. It is usually very dry, like it is sunburned. So I am going to say using the patch for 10 days was a success.”

Sheila Walsh, Flagstaff, AZ

“I know it saved his life. Without the patch he wasn’t getting any better.”

“I want to thank you for your wonderful product, Equiwinner patches. It saved the life of my grandson’s horse. He has been having health problems for over 10 years. Vets did not know how to treat him. This June he tore a gaskin muscle, his blood work was not good, the vet was very worried. My husband saw this article in Horse & Rider, I ordered it, and now the new blood work is great. He is healing and sweating again. I can not thank you enough for this product.”

Brenda Daniels, Illinois

“I don’t know how it worked, but it did. I completed the 10-day treatment May 5. My horse now sweats like a normal horse should in a work-out. He has never sweat like this before. I could ride him hard in the heat and have nothing but a totally dry, panting, pissed off animal. My strategy was to ride late at night, or if riding in the heat I would completely hose him down before riding and then stop to hose him off intermittently when he started puffing.

“Occasionally, when the stars were aligned just right, he would manage a light sweat under his neck, between his front legs and in the groin. Now he’s getting a consistent, all-over sweat every ride, and it hasn’t even been hot here yet. It was in the low-mid 70s today and when I brought him in from the pasture he already had a sweat going between his legs. I have NEVER found him anything but totally dry on the hottest days of summer.

“I decided to try Equiwinner after my friend applied the first patch to her non-sweating Friesian. The trainer got on to ride, and within 30 minutes the horse was sweating head to toe.

“I have no idea how it works, but I thought I would pass it along.”

LarkspurCO on The Chronicle of the Horse forum

“I finished a ten day program on my barrel mare two weeks ago. I cannot believe it’s the same horse. She has a completely different personality, she can breathe easier, and her performance has definitely improved. I had surgery done on her windpipe last October even though she didn’t ‘whistle’ or have any type of rushing sound when she ran. She had bled a couple of times, and it was obvious she would run out of air in a run. The worst symptom for her was that she was refusing to go in the arena, and she is not spoiled . . . . there was a health problem.

Anyway, after the surgery last fall, I ran her once and then winter set in. She won the race but still wasn’t in top shape. I heard about your product from a friend in Kansas. Since my mare had had so much trouble last summer, I thought I would give it a try to see if it would help.

I could never catch this horse without running her into a round pen, and even then she was anxious, and didn’t like any quick movements around her head. Her eye never looked calm and relaxed and she always seemed on edge.

We raised this horse, and I love her to death. She has never been abused in any way, and she is a terrific ranch horse and a 1D barrel horse. The more urgency she senses in any situation, the harder she will work, but before, she never wanted to be caught; once we had the halter on her, she was very disciplined, but just never very happy.

Since your treatment, I can walk out and catch her anywhere, she never refuses the gate at a barrel race, and her head issues have disappeared. She actually behaves in a friendly manner, and her eye is soft and calm.

When we got back from a barrel race yesterday, I watched her roll in the pasture and then get up and run around bucking and playing. I have NEVER seen her do that . . . . at least not since she was really young. She is ten now. I do believe her surgery helped, but I noticed the personality change after using your product. Thanks.”

Shelly Effertz, North Dakota

Pro barrel horse stops headshaking after 13 years!

“I have had a headshaker for the past 13 years. I started using the Equiwinner patch 2 summers ago and the results have been amazing. At first I thought it was a fluke but now I am sold on it. . . . I just was amazed how they helped my horse. I tried everything under the sun believe me. . . . My horse has been competing on the pro level and winning money with this problem . . Try them and give it time to work. I did not see immediate results but he slowly started to improve until it stopped completely. I do put the patch on every spring for prevention though. I invested the $100 and in two months I won over $2,000 at a time he would have been at his worst and this happened two summers in a row so I am a firm believer.”

kaligirl, on Barrel Horse World forum

“I have a 3 year old filly who had a solid year in NY Sire Stakes despite her tying up constantly. For those who understand blood results, she would have CPK’s into the 20,000 range and still perform. I started her on Equiwinner patches a little over 3 weeks ago and she hasn’t tied-up since and won at The Meadowlands against mostly aged boys in 1:56.2, last quarter in 28.3. These patches are amazing and ridiculously economic compared to other treatments.”

Richard Jones, standardbred owner

“A few weeks ago, I was faced with my fourth horse with anhydrosis since 2003. Needless to say, I have tried everything over the years, with varying degrees of success. I ordered your patches and within hours my horse was sweating again! He is 16 with Cushing’s, so I just knew he was going to be a difficult case, who may never sweat again…I was thankfully wrong!
“I am amazed at the simplicity and effectiveness of your product. I’ve never seen anything work so fast and so well as your patches…they are worth every penny!!”

Melinda Mayes, Weatherford, TX

“I just wanted to say I tried Equiwinner in June, 2012 after my horse developed headshaking “overnight”. My late husband was a veterinarian and was unable to prescribe any treatment that alleviated the problem. I found Equiwinner in a web search and ordered it. The first treatment improved the symptoms but didn’t totally eliminate them so I did a second treatment. As it was in October when we did the treatment, we weren’t sure if it was the Equiwinner or the end of the season that did the trick. In April of this year I did another treatment as a preventative measure and no symptoms developed. A couple of weeks ago as the weather started changing she started with some mild symptoms so we started her on another course of patches. Three days after starting she had her best dressage score of the year!”

Kathie Hackler, California

“I want to express how thrilled I am to have found Equiwinner patches. My 13 year old barrel horse, Zorro, is a non-sweater. I bought him as a 6 year old in the early spring and didn’t realize he had a problem until Oklahoma and Texas brought their long 95 plus degrees heat and 100% humidity filled summer. I had spent long tireless hours hosing him off under industrialized fans, watching him have miserable panting days. I had tried every supplement on the market as well as the old wives tales, and nothing seemed to work. I finally found Equiwinner patches 3 years ago . . . . WOW What a dramatic improvement. I was finally able to keep him comfortable and even compete on him throughout the summer during our busy rodeo months! My heartfelt thanks for your product!”

Lee Ann Smith, New Boston, TX

Prelim event horse stops bleeding!

“We used Equiwinner on our OTTB. He was a bleeder. His race record showed him running on Lasix and when he reached training eventing level he began to bleed for us. Last season he bled through bleeder supplements and medications, so we tried Equiwinner this spring. He has run 6 prelim events and has not bled. In addition to that, he has been eating and drinking much better, on a daily basis and at events, and I feel has performed better than last year. I expect that we will continue to use this on him at least yearly at the beginning of each season. Thanks Equiwinner!”


“…just a quick note to say thanks!!! Your product did an amazing job on my daughter’s 9 yr. old TB jumper gelding who developed headshaking syndrome almost over-night. Within 4 or 5 days of the symptoms developing he had become unrideable simply because he was so distracted and distraught over the symptoms that he barely was aware that my daughter was astride him. I found the product online and 24 hours after the first patch he was able to start training again and the daily progress was astounding…we showed him the last day of his treatment and I have to say that he is now a more relaxed and content horse than he was when we bought him 4 years ago!”

Lorraine Poulin-Lawson, Ontario, Canada

“I have always struggled with horse hydration issues on endurance rides and decided to try Equiwinner patches. On my first 30 mile ride on a new horse after the treatment, my horse stayed very well hydrated throughout the ride, passing each vet check. I did not use anything else but the Equiwinner patches. At each water stop, my horse drank water readily but not to excess. I am impressed and would recommend Equiwinner to anyone with horse hydration problems. It’ll be one less thing to worry about.”

Rodne LeCouteur, Great Lakes Distance Riding Association Competitive Endurance Rider