Equiwinner™ for Healthy Skin & Coat in Horses Year-Round

Need help with Sweet Itch? Equiwinner does that too.
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The optimum balance of electrolytes in skin moisture maintains full protection and good appearance for a healthy coat for horses.

Got an itchy horse? Is it a bacterial or fungal infection? Worse, if allergies are suspected when a horse has a skin condition, it’s a real headache with long term consequences. But it might be much simpler than that. The horse is naturally protected from skin microbes by balanced electrolyte salts in perspiration. Even the eyes are protected by the salt in tears. Horse skin problems can occur when that electrolyte balance is compromised, which often happens. However, when the exact correct balance of electrolytes is present in normal perspiration, the horse’s natural defense against normal skin microbes works as nature intended. Equiwinner does that! Restore electrolyte balance and many skin conditions will disappear. Please note that correct balance and a healthy coat for horses cannot be achieved by feeding electrolytes.

Equiwinner give horses freedom from flies.

Itchiness can also be from insect bite hypersensitivity.  Fly sheets and masks are usually used to avoid contact with the troublesome flies but Equiwinner does that too.  Pesky flies are less interested in Equiwinner horses.  A 10-day treatment is cheaper than good fly sheets and masks and your horse will prefer being naked and left in peace.  Learn how proper electrolyte balance can give your horse freedom from flies here.

A Horse of a Different Color!

They say that beauty is only skin deep. We beg to differ. Hessel, a ten-year-old Friesian, in Queen Creek, AZ, was becoming dull and brown looking. After one Equiwinner treatment, his coat was restored to a beautiful dark shiny black, the color he was meant to be. Obviously, Hessel is now healthier because he looks better, naturally, and without any special coat supplements. This is a great example of what can happen when electrolytes work properly. Hessel is the picture of health!

Sweet Itch Success

One of the most challenging skin conditions has met its match. Sweet itch is a debilitating condition for horses which has always been difficult to treat. Olympic Peninsula Equine Network (OPEN) in Western Washington State, was struggling with sweet itch in some of their rescue horses. After trying Equiwinner treatments on two of these horses, they couldn’t believe the results because everything else they tried before didn’t work well. The ten-day treatment was easy, and the horses’ coats healed quickly. They also noticed that the midges were less interested in the horses. One of the horses needed a second treatment, but the initial results have lasted through the winter and into spring. Here are their stories.


Sienna, a 15 year old registered Morgan mare, arrived at OPEN in August 2017 and was eaten and rubbed with no mane and very little tail because she was mutilating herself scratching. She was unhappy and unadoptable!
After two Equiwinner treatments, Sienna had a full recovery with a beautiful coat, mane and tail and was successfully adopted.
NOTE: A few horses may need two treatments, as Sienna did, but you only need to order one treatment first. A second treatment should be ordered if the results from the first treatment is not long lasting.  Please call us for advice.

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Dash, a 7 year old Tennessee Walker, recovered from sweet itch with one Equiwinner treatment started September 1, 2017. The sores began to heal quickly. His hair also grew back and the progress could be seen from one day to another. The photos below show the chest before, during and after the healing.

Smart Electrolytes™ keep horses healthier. You’ll see it with your own eyes.

Equiwinner patches contain only natural balanced electrolytes and nothing goes into the body of the horse. One ten-day treatment can last the season or up to one full year. There are no side effects.
Proof positive. Test negative.

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