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What is the Equiwinner patch?

For good health and optimum performance a horse requires normal homeostasis, that is, the physiological stability achieved by normal negative feedback systems. The demands of training often leave the horse with impaired feedback systems, which in turn may lead to serious and debilitating conditions. The Equiwinner Patch uses revolutionary patented Smart Cell Signal™ technology to restore normal homeostasis and full performance.

Is the Equiwinner patch safe?

The Equiwinner Patch works by cell signalling only. There is no chemical action on, or penetration of, the skin of the horse. No substance enters the body of the horse. There are no side effects. Use of Equiwinner Patches for performance will not test positive in any sport.

How is the Equiwinner patch used?

1. Brush up and down a small area of coat on the body of the horse, but not the head or legs. The patch will fall off skin that moves so on top of the hindquarter is ideal. Wash and dry the area if there is coat molting, field dirt or dander. Where coat sheen products, shampoos or oily sprays have previously been used and the coat hairs are slippery, it may be necessary to clean an area with detergent, pure alcohol (not methylated spirit), or a vinegar/water rinse.

2. Take one Equiwinner Patch and remove the covering to expose the sticky area, taking care not to dislodge the two signaling centers.

3. Stick the Equiwinner Patch on the cleaned or prep area, and press firmly.

4. Leave this Patch on for approx. 24 hours, then remove and discard it.

5. Immediately place another Equiwinner Patch in a different cleaned position for a further 24 hours.

6. Continue to discard and put a new Equiwinner Patch in a different cleaned position each 24 hours, for a total of ten days. Alternating between two spots, one day and the next, on either side of the croup for example, is an easy way to apply patches.

7. Only one patch should be used at any one time.

Welfare - the horse should have access to shade 10am to 4pm in very hot climates.

How many courses of Equiwinner Patch are recommended?

Daily use of the Equiwinner Patch for ten days should normally be sufficient for the horse for a whole season, or up to twelve months. It is important that the Equiwinner Patch is changed every day, as described above, for ten days. Trainers of high performance horses may use Equiwinner up to 4 times per year. We recommend using Equiwinner each year to prevent any problems reoccurring.

Further information:

1. It is not necessary to clip or shave the coat. If the horse has long coat hair then simply part the hair so that the two Equiwinner Patch signalling centers are close to the skin.

2. Do not place the Equiwinner Patch under a saddle, girth, or other tack. This would cause discomfort. Top of the hindquarter (croup) is often best.

3. The Equiwinner Patch may be covered by the horse’s usual rug, sheet or blanket.

4. A horse will not normally interfere with the Equiwinner Patch. If the horse goes to bite the Equiwinner Patch, and the Equiwinner Patch cannot be placed out of reach of the mouth, then covering by a rug, sheet or blanket must be used. This also needs to be done if a companion horse tries to remove the patch.

5. In very cold weather the coat hair may stand up and tend to push the Equiwinner Patch away from the skin. In this case, use a rug or blanket to keep the skin at normal temperature.

6. The Equiwinner Patch is waterproof and will stay on during rain.

Training and Competition:

Provided the horse is not distressed, it is beneficial to continue the horse’s usual program of training or exercise, while using the Equiwinner Patch uninterrupted for the ten days. It is recommended that the Equiwinner course is either commenced two weeks prior to a competition or straight after, to prevent removal of the patch whilst undergoing the ten day course.

Horses being treated with EIPH bleeding should not compete or race but should have walking exercise only for the ten days of treatment, and for a further five days. Then the horse can be gradually returned to normal training.

The Equiwinner Patch can also be used for health maintenance when the horse is out of work. Another suitable time is when the horse is going to be put back into training after a period of rest, or before competition for maximum performance.

Safety and Disposal:

Keep the Equiwinner patch out of reach of children and animals. After use, the Equiwinner Patch should be disposed of carefully as normal household or commercial waste.

Other information and disclaimer:

The Equiwinner Patch is a safe Veterinary Medical Device.

Equiwinner has been on sale in the United States and Canada for over fifteen years with no reported adverse effects whatsoever. The Equiwinner veterinary device is only for use on horses, and must not be used for humans or other animals. Equiwinner does not achieve any of its principal intended purposes through chemical action within or on the body of the horse, and is not dependent upon being metabolized for the achievement of any of its principal intended purposes. Equiwinner achieves its effect from outside the skin of the horse and no substance is passed into the body of the horse. Equiwinner is inert and is not a pharmaceutical and does not have any pharmaceutical action.

Published statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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This information is offered as suggestions and is not meant to be a substitute for the advice provided by your own veterinarian. You should not rely on the information for diagnosis of any specific situation. Always consult your own veterinarian for specific advice concerning the medical condition or treatment of any animal for whose care you are responsible. Equiwinner Patch is a fully guaranteed product. Liability is limited to the return monies paid for the product. In no event will Signal-Health LLC or EquusFirst Ltd (UK) be liable for any consequential, incidental, special, or punitive damages, however caused and under any theory of liability.