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Electrolytes are the spark plugs that make the body work.

Those electrolytes must work properly for the essential fluids in a horse to be properly balanced to enable the horse to display power, speed and grace.

Since Equiwinner was put on sale in June 2004 we have been pleased to find that many professional horse trainers are using Equiwinner on horses that appeared to be fully fit and without problems. The reason the trainers were using Equiwinner on fit horses was that they had noticed the increase in performance in horses that had been treated for bleeding (EIPH) and non-sweating (anhidrosis) and tying-up (azoturia).

Racehorses that had used Equiwinner were producing better times and were able to sprint at both the start and finish of the race.

Horses that had used Equiwinner were easier to handle and more eager to work.

Horses that had used Equiwinner were more alert and had greater energy.

Horses that had used Equiwinner were not getting stressed when transported, arriving at the destination ready to compete.

Endurance horses that had used Equiwinner were drinking water and remaining fully hydrated throughout the endurance event, easily passing the veterinary tests for condition.

Show horses that had used Equiwinner had a better appearance with a shiny coat and a lively step.

How does this happen?

Equiwinner provides a unique, complete performance solution, supporting all of the functions because electrolytes are involved in every physiological process in the horse’s body.

Electrolytes play a role in oxygen and glucose delivery but, when made to work properly, as Nature intended, they propel all physiological processes to the next level of equine performance. A level that’s virtually without equal.

– Muscle contraction is most efficient when calcium ion regulation is working properly.

– A horse will stay well hydrated to keep all organs, including the heart, working at their peak with healthy blood volume to carry oxygen. Poor hydration, by contrast, can result in higher heart rates from lower blood plasma volumes.

– Recovery time is reduced after competition.

– Horses are better able to perform well in heat, because more effective skin sweat cooling dissipates the heat produced during energy metabolism.

– Improved circulation and capillary density increase oxygen exchange between blood and muscle.

– Horses won’t get stressed during transport and arrive at their destinations ready to compete.

Equiwinner patches contain only natural balanced electrolytes and nothing goes into the body of the horse. One 10-day treatment can last the season or up to one full year. There are no side effects.

Proof positive. Test negative.

Recommended by Hall of Fame trainers. You can trust it too, because it WORKS!

Standardbred Trainer Kelly Hoerdt, 2x winner of O'Brien Award of Horsemanship