Equiwinner™ and proper nutrition is a winning combination.

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Equiwinner will work on all horses as described, but overfeeding may interfere with the healing process or results may not last as long as expected. Basic good nutrition combined with exercise is the foundation for good health. Overfeeding relative to the amount of exercise is the most common mistake that horse owners make. Even a small excess of food intake relative to the work being done results in an increase in the blood sugar level. It is not generally realized that excess blood sugar (glucose) can completely unbalance the electrolytes, making any treatment more difficult. Overfeeding over a longer period could also eventually result in insulin resistance and laminitis. Overfeeding contributes to deterioration in the horse’s overall health and restoring complete active health becomes difficult unless the feed is carefully checked. Why not use a height/weight tape? Keep a note of the measurement when you know the horse is in really good condition, and then regularly check whether the weight is rising or falling so that measured out feed amounts can be adjusted accordingly.

How to Feed for Optimum Health

Kentucky Equine Research shows positive effects from slow feeding. See how easily it can be done here.

Kentucky Equine Research gives their reasons here for recommending smaller, more frequent meals.  In addition, lower blood sugar spikes from smaller meals are easier on electrolytes and Equiwinner results will last longer.

Other Resources

Information on feeding easy keepers can be found in this FACT SHEET from The Horse magazine.

Determine your horse’s body condition score. This University of Maine bulletin will help guide you.

A weight tape will probably not yield a correct weight for a horse but it’s a very useful tool to get an estimate and monitor change. Kentucky Equine Research provides a good explanation here.

Here’s an example of success after an initial failure.

(Chronicle of the Horse Forum)

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