Stay cool for a performance edge.

Make sure your horse is sweating efficiently.
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Want a performance edge? Make sure your horse is sweating efficiently.

Published March 25, 2015

Proper thermoregulation will make hard work seem easier.

Efficient sweating is necessary for the good health of every horse. It’s absolutely necessary if performance in competition is one of your goals. Inefficient sweating is harder to recognize than when a horse doesn’t sweat at all. If a horse is sweating, but not well enough, his body temperature will rise higher than it should after work and recovery from work will be slow.

Don't miss the signs of inefficient sweating. Here's a checklist.

Going from inefficient sweating to efficient sweating will transform a horse. These horses are better able to perform well in heat, because more effective skin sweat cooling dissipates the heat produced during energy metabolism. Recovery is also quicker so horses are able to compete again sooner. Equiwinner does that!

Here’s one horse’s story.

Class Bopper, a 10 year old thoroughbred race horse, instead of being retired, is still competing in steeplechase and flat races. Click and listen to Lilith Boucher, his trainer, explain how this happened.

You can’t get better health and performance than when electrolytes work properly.

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