The POWER of Good Hydration

Hydration is Everything!
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Don’t Underestimate the POWER of Good Hydration.

Published July 15, 2014

It’s simple. Good hydration leads to good blood flow which leads to good performance.

When Equiwinner stops EIPH bleeding or tying-up in a horse, it’s obvious that a horse’s performance would improve. Or when Equiwinner gets a horse to sweat efficiently, again performance would improve. But, horse owners and trainers are finding that performance also improves when they’re using Equiwinner on horses that appear to be fully fit and otherwise healthy. Why is that?

Because good hydration has an impact on blood flow. It’s not just about whether or not a horse drinks enough. Hydration is the body’s ability to manage water on the cellular level, inside their body, after the water has been drunk. The importance of this cannot be underestimated because an adult horse’s body is composed of roughly 70% water. That’s right, the horse’s body is mostly fluids.

When the horse’s electrolyte balance is disturbed and hydration deteriorates, tissue contraction occurs and blood volume decreases, carrying less oxygen throughout the body. This was found to be exactly the case in a study published in 2010, Echocardiographic Changes in Heart Size in Hypohydrated Horses, where, upon echocardiographic examination of the heart, dehydrated horses’ left ventricle and left atrium appeared decreased in size. They also found that dehydration affects variables often applied to predict athletic performance.

Restore proper hydration and you automatically restore healthy blood flow with optimum oxygen delivery for peak performance.

You can’t get better hydration than when electrolytes work properly. Equiwinner does that!

"We were having problems with dehydration during long distance transport. This would cause serious performance issues. These patches work, period! Since using the patches, we have seen drastic improvement."

Eric Ell, trainer of JL Cruze, 2015 Dan Patch Champion

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