Make the best of a bad situation.

Now's an ideal time to treat for EIPH bleeding, because you've probably got the time.
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Make the best of a bad situation with Equiwinner.

Published March 13, 2020

We don't know how this new coronavirus will play out or for how long. If there's going to be down time with races cancelled or you're going to slow down on your own, it's a great time to treat a bleeder.

Equiwinner is usually a simple 10-day treatment, but when treating for EIPH bleeding, some extra care is needed. A bleeder must be taken out of full training for 15 days, 10 days with the patches and for a further 5 days. Then the horse can be gradually returned to normal training.

In the middle of a busy season, many horse owners don't think they have enough time between races or competitions. Then treat your horse now if you've got more time now. You'll be happy later that you did.

If you're not sure you've got a bleeder, 7x NFR competitor and National Cowgirl Hall of Fame barrel racer Kay Young can help you figure it out. Listen to her explain things.

You can get even more information about EIPH bleeding here.

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