Keeping Horses Hydrated in Winter.

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Keeping Horses Hydrated in Winter Can be a Challenge. Equiwinner Makes It Easier.

Published January 14, 2014

Equiwinner will help keep horses hydrated, even in winter.

Horses need to drink MORE in winter if their forage has changed from moisture rich pasture to dry hay. And yet, horses aren’t as keen on cold water so may, in fact, drink LESS. Research has shown that when water is warmed well above freezing temperature, approximately 40% more water is consumed per day.1

What are the downsides of inadequate water consumption in cold weather?

Poor hydration in winter can make it harder for horses to tolerate cold weather if they can’t secrete enough saliva to consume the hay that produces heat from fermentation in the large intestine.

More seriously, impaction colic risk rises in winter with the increased risk of dehydration.

To reduce the risk of dehydration, horses must have access to clean, fresh and warmed water. This alone does not guarantee a horse will drink enough to meet its bodily needs however. The risk of dehydration is further reduced if horses are very healthy with electrolytes working properly to trigger thirst when necessary. Equiwinner does that!

But good hydration involves more than just the consumption of water. Electrolytes manage all bodily fluids and the water that is being consumed should be utilized properly and providing hydration to the entire body, even the hooves. For example, recent research from Australia showed that the moisture content of hoof walls is controlled by the horses’ internal hydration, which is fairly constant in healthy horses.2 Equiwinner does that too!

Equiwinner patches reset electrolyte balance in 10 days to ensure electrolytes can do their job efficiently. This allows you to stay one step ahead of difficulties during extreme weather. A power failure can wreak havoc on the best laid plans and a healthy hydrated Equiwinner horse is better prepared to handle temporary water problems. A horse will not become impacted in one day from decreased water consumption. The process usually happens over several days to several weeks, giving you time to recover from a power failure. An Equiwinner horse will recover faster as well. How easy is that!

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2. Effect of environmental conditions on degree of hoof wall hydration in horses. Brian Hampson, PhD, et al, American Journal of Veterinary Research, March 2012

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