Is Your Horse Ready for the Summer Heat?

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Get Ready for the Summer Heat.

It's not about feeding more electrolytes. It's about making them work properly.

Published April 4, 2013

Make sure your horse is as healthy as can be this summer to be able to handle the stress from the coming heat and humidity. Healthy horses always sweat efficiently.

A horse showing any of the following signs could be at greater risk of becoming a non-sweater, a condition known as equine anhidrosis. Steps should be taken to improve the horse’s health now, before the high heat and humidity arrive and cause possible distress.

Dull, dry or itchy coat: Healthy horses have well hydrated, shiny coats.

Coat doesn’t shed well: Horses should be shedding their winter coats now.

Inefficient sweating: After a good workout, a horse should be damp from sweat over the whole length of the body including the lower leg.

Poor hydration: Horses should naturally crave water, without needing salt or water additives to encourage drinking. The skin pinch test is the easiest way to check hydration. As the horse becomes dehydrated the skin loses elasticity. Also, the gums should be a healthy pink color and slippery to the touch; tacky or dry can indicate dehydration.

Slow recovery rate from work/exercise, lethargy, labored breathing.

These risk factors are not specific to anhidrosis but are indicators of less than ideal overall health. Equiwinner resets electrolyte balance in 10 days to restore normal sweating and improves overall health and performance.

It’s not about feeding more electrolytes. It’s about making them work properly.

If your horse has been treated with Equiwinner before, don’t wait for electrolyte balance to deteriorate and for symptoms to reoccur. An annual treatment will keep your horse in remarkable health and at peak performance.

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