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Yes, individual Equiwinner patches can be used.
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Using Equiwinner™ on horses in trailers helps them adjust to different climates and with stress during transport.

Published February 25, 2018

If you travel to compete, you know that horse transportation can be fraught with challenges. One challenge is that all horses are stressed by travel, even if you tell them your vehicle is road ready and they’re going south for the winter or back home after being away from their buddies. And that stress can affect their behavior, health, and ability to perform at their normal level. The unexpected can happen if they don’t drink well enough or if the weather changes during the trip.

Now there is something that can be added to your horse transportation checklist to make the trip easier, so your horses arrive at your destination happy, hydrated, and ready to compete.

Horse Transport with Equiwinner Patches

Individual Equiwinner patches on horses in the trailer will help keep them calm and drinking, even if you’ve treated your horses with complete 10-day treatments already. We’ve had Equiwinner customers try it and they won’t travel far without patches on their horses.

Barrel racer Trula Churchill and 3x NFR qualifier traveled with "Worm" for years, and apparently, he was a pro and always traveled well. But after trying patches during equine transport, Trula gave us this feedback: “Sometimes when we travel to different climates, the drinking habits of our horses may change. I have used Equiwinner patches in the trailer during trips with weather/climate changes and my horses keep drinking adequately on these trips. They arrive at the event without being stressed or fatigued.”

Mounted shooter Dianne Lipham talks about hauling horses from TN to AZ in terrible weather.

Troy Fischer, a Canadian Champion header, hauled his horses back and forth between Arizona and Alberta with the seasons. One April, when he hauled his six horses from Arizona back home to Alberta with Equiwinner patches on all of them, he was surprised. Compared to the trip down the previous December without patches when the horses fidgeted and needed to be rearranged a few times, the trip home in April was completely different. Troy said the horses didn’t pick at each other and he didn’t feel the trailer. The smoothest horse transportation trip ever with six comfortable horses! Troy has now made the trip between AB and AZ twice with patches and won’t haul without them because the “horses hauled great!”

This is a good reason to always have an extra box of patches around, to use them individually during equine transport, or any stressful situation. An individual patch will help your horse with the stress and keep the electrolytes working properly when the patch is on the horse. This individual use of patches should not replace your horses’ regular ten-day treatments since there is no long-term lasting effect from individual patches. Remember, an individual patch is only good for 24 hours. If you’re traveling for 2 days, use a new patch each day, just like during a 10-day treatment.

“I used the patches on two of my futurity horses. Before, traveling to their first big futurity, they were on the trailer for a total of 13hrs due to trailer trouble. They didn’t move the entire drive or the time we spent being on the side of the road. The both of them not only traveled comfortably, but drank great the whole week. To top it off, both of their haircoats look AMAZING!

“The Equiwinner patches will always be a staple in my program, to help ensure my horses success in and out of the arena!”

Kassidy Pruett, Cedar Lane, TX

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