Is Your Horse Healthy Enough to Handle the Summer Heat?

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Ready for the Summer Heat? Here's how to know for sure.

Published May 4, 2017

When temperatures start to rise, horses – like humans – tend to feel sluggish, slow down to keep themselves cool and end up performing less than their best. As an experienced horseperson, you know that sweating is a good sign and all healthy horses sweat, even the very fit ones.

But did you know not all horses that sweat are healthy?

Sweating helps your horse regulate his body temperature. And since sweat evaporates differently depending on humidity, body temperature is a much more accurate way to determine if your horse is internally handling the heat or not and if the sweat is doing its job properly. When it’s hot outside, a horse at rest with access to shade and with proper thermoregulation will maintain a normal body temperature of 99.5° to 100.5° F (37.5° to 38° C). Check your horse’s body temperature often to be sure. A horse that can’t regulate his body temperature properly may overheat each hot day, then cool down each night. This is not the same as a fever.

So what can you do if you find your horse is overheating at rest? Air conditioning’s not practical. Hosing him down is temporary. You have to address the cause, not the symptoms.

When the sodium and potassium salts in the horse are thrown off balance, he will not sweat efficiently. Because these salts circulating in the body are strictly controlled, the imbalance can’t be corrected by simply adding extra electrolytes to his feed. The key is making sure that those electrolytes are balanced and working properly.

And that’s exactly what Equiwinner patches are designed to do.

The Equiwinner patch is a non-invasive, all-natural dermal patch that is guaranteed to restore optimum electrolyte balance to promote proper thermoregulation through efficient sweating. It only takes 10 days and just a single treatment can last for up to one full year. Nothing physically enters the horse’s body, so there are no side effects or concerns about testing positive if you’re in a competition.

WATCH to see how Equiwinner helped this "healthy" horse.

Sweat glands operate in two ways and the Equiwinner patch has proven effective on both. Insensible perspiration keeps the horse’s skin moist 24/7. This prevents his coat from drying out and keeps sweat glands open and operating properly against microbes that could damage the skin.

Secondly, sweat glands produce copious amounts of perspiration for cooling. See that white lather in his sweat? That’s a protein released in the sweat, which sticks to his coat to keep him cooler longer.

Test your horse for efficient sweating simply by warming him up thoroughly (about 30 minutes on a warm day, longer if it’s cold) then pushing your fingers into his coat to check for dampness. His entire body, not just under the saddle or in the chest, should feel damp.

When you use the Equiwinner patch to restore your horse’s body temperature to normal levels through proper hydration and efficient sweating as nature intended, you’ll see a remarkable improvement in his coat, his temperament and his overall performance. Isn’t he worth giving it a try?

Equiwinner performs, even when the heat of summer – or competition – is on.

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