Fundamentals are not an option, even during down time.

You'll save money too.

To maintain good horse health (and save money!), fundamentals are not optional, even during down time.

Published April 6, 2020

When you're racing or competing, you do a lot to keep your horse healthy, because, not only is it the right thing to do for any of our partners, human or animal, you know that better health improves performance. You may not be racing or competing right now, but fundamentals of horse health should not take a back seat.

Electrolytes are the spark plugs that make the body work.

When electrolytes work properly, you'll notice it in your horse even when not competing.

• Better hydration improves motility, reduces risk from impaction colic, etc, etc, etc, etc.

• A healthy skin & coat looks beautiful, sheds better in spring and isn't itchy.

• Efficient sweating will keep your horse more comfortable in extreme heat.

If you've got a bleeder, take advantage of down time to treat now.

In the middle of a busy season, many horse owners don't think they have enough time between races or competitions to take their horse out of full training for 15 days to do a treatment. Then treat your horse now if you've got more time now. You'll be happy later that you did. More details available here.

Don't skip the annual Equiwinner treatment.

Nancy Csabay first tried Equiwinner over 6 years ago on her mare Little Miss Wicked when they had already qualified for the Canadian Finals Rodeo a few times. With Equiwinner on the team, they became the Canadian champions in 2015 and 2016. They've had a few more years together and Nancy now uses Equiwinner on all her barrel horses, because it's fundamental that electrolytes work properly. Let Nancy explain why she uses Equiwinner in this video.

We all know that healthy horses cost less than unhealthy ones. So Equiwinner will not only simplify horse care, it'll save you money too.

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