Worried about how hard summer is on your horse?

Fingers crossed is not a good option.

If last summer was hard on your horse, get prepared for this summer.

Published May 24, 2019

The May long weekend is the unofficial start of summer.  This is the time to ride.  But it's difficult to ride a headshaking horse and impossible to compete on one. Itching from sweet itch will make you and your horse miserable and if a horse doesn't sweat well, overheating in the heat and humidity makes it difficult to exercise your horse at all.

You can keep your fingers crossed, or do something to keep those summer issues from affecting your horse.


Get prepared and thrive this summer.

Electrolytes are involved in every physiological process in the body, so it's no wonder that when they work properly, a number of conditions disappear. Equiwinner does that! A 10-day treatment will reset electrolyte balance to perfect health making the electrolytes already in the horse's body SMART. Click on the following links to learn more about how Equiwinner works on the individual issues.

Idiopathic Headshaking

Also called trigeminal-mediated headshaking, is what it looks like, an automatic response to flies, without the flies.  Get more info here.

Sweet Itch

Sweet itch is a debilitating condition, a reaction from contact with the saliva of a biting gnat. Your horse will be happier when healthy enough to be naked, instead of covered by a fly sheet.  Get more info here.

Anhidrosis or Non-sweating

When a horse doesn't sweat at all, it's relatively easy to diagnose.  Get more info here.  Horses that sweat poorly can be misdiagnosed so learn how to avoid the mistakes here.

So don't just cross your fingers and hope for the best. Get prepared for every summer with an annual treatment in spring to keep your horse healthy and happy.

Equiwinner patches contain only natural balanced electrolytes. Nothing goes into the horse’s body – it simply recognizes the electrolytes in the patches and responds to them. There are no side effects and Equiwinner will never test positive in any competition, race, event or sport.

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