Could Your Healthy Horse Use an Unfair Advantage?

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This cartoon is not a joke. The steers are not happy.

Published September 14, 2016

Nothing exists that can’t be improved upon. You may think your horse is in good health but, whether you compete or not, chances are it could be even better.

Just imagine what a boost in health would mean to you and your horse – a higher level of performance, a higher quality of life and perhaps even a longer life. Not to mention that having a healthy horse could lower your expenses for his care.

Here’s the story of 8X CFR Qualifier, Canadian Champion Header, Troy Fischer. He originally tried his head horse, Ace, on Equiwinner patches to treat a case of headshaking – a condition that many knowledgeable horse people believe to be uncurable. Read the detailed explanation here.

By his own admission, Troy is not an easy man to impress. “I’m a ranch-raised, old-school cowboy. I decided to try Equiwinner after having read several testimonials but I don’t get too excited about products until I have some proof of my own. I had nothing to lose and, to be completely honest, didn’t know if I had much faith in this, either.

“I started Ace on Equiwinner patches. By Day 4, his coat became shinier and he started to look noticeably better. At Day 7, his headshaking had been drastically reduced. After 10 days on Equiwinner, I had a head horse that looked and felt great! His headshaking was nearly gone, and he had more energy than I ever remember him having.”

Troy was so impressed with the results, he decided to try them on his two daughters’ healthy barrel horses and they started to make runs that were better than expected!

He reports, “Their horses also shed out better, had better appetites and drank better on the road. Bryce’s 11-year-old mare, Crazy Alice, had a noticeably better recovery time after runs and became much more consistent. Branna’s 20-year-old gelding, Hank, found a serious second wind on life!”

Troy’s family is sold on Equiwinner patches and what they’ve done for their horses. “They are affordable, easy to use and effective,” he says. “The overall herd health is all the proof we need. I would recommend this product to anyone. Thank you, Equiwinner, for getting our horses back to normal!”

Sounds as if Troy’s horses are actually even better than normal! We challenge you to try the Equiwinner patch, even if you’re convinced your horse is perfectly healthy. We think you’ll be amazed at the next level of performance he can achieve.

Equiwinner performs to give your horse what feels like an unfair advantage. Try it today and see!

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