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Equiwinner Simplifies Summer Horse Care in Many Ways.

Published April 9, 2014

Winter is finally over and competition season is just around the corner. You want to stay focused on training and winning but it seems that every summer, things don’t go as smoothly as planned. Equiwinner will make life easier for you and your horse in many important ways allowing you to focus more on training and winning. That’s what riding should be about. So let Equiwinner take care of as many summer challenges as possible.

1. Don’t let shipping affect your horse. Equiwinner horses are less stressed when transported, arriving at the destination ready to compete. They’ll readily drink on and off the trailer, because properly working electrolyte balance triggers thirst when necessary. If a horse is especially stressed about shipping, or if you’re shipping to a far away competition, you can put a patch on the horse during transport. You’ll see a difference when your horse comes off the trailer!

2. Equiwinner makes horses sweat efficiently to avoid overheating. Your horse’s thermoregulation needs to be in good working order to compete well. After a good workout, a horse should sweat the entire length of the body, even on the lower legs. When you take your boots off, your lower leg should be sweating too!

3. Equiwinner horses have beautiful coats but it’s more than just skin deep. Just like in humans, the skin can be a window to underlying health and you can’t get better health than when electrolytes work properly!

Attention show horse owners: Those beautiful Equiwinner coats won’t fade out in the summer sun.

4. Hooves tend to dry out during the summer heat, becoming brittle and putting your horse at risk. You can use hoof ointment or, better yet, deal with it from the inside out. Researchers in Australia recently found that hoof moisture doesn’t depend on environmental conditions, but on the internal circulation of the horse, which is fairly constant in the healthy horse.1 Equiwinner will ensure good hoof moisture content because when electrolytes work properly, internal hydration works properly too.

Harness racing trainer/driver Kelly Hoerdt, 2013 & 2020 O’Brien Award of Horsemanship, recommends Equiwinner.

Kelly Hoerdt, two-time O'Brien Horsemanship Award winner , Canada’s top harness racing award, has seen the results in his horses. “My horses ship better and are not washing out in the hot summer months during peak race season.”

So this summer, let Equiwinner take care of your horse’s health so you can ride like there’s no tomorrow, if that’s what you’d rather do!

1. Effect of environmental conditions on degree of hoof wall hydration in horses. Brian Hampson, PhD, et al, American Journal of Veterinary Research, March 2012

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