It's fly season!

Equiwinner to the rescue.
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It's fly season.  Equiwinner to the rescue.

Published August 10, 2021

Flies prefer to bite some horses more than others.  Have you noticed and wondered why?  Electrolytes conduct electricity and manage all bodily fluids, among other things.  This conductivity of fluids in and around cells in the skin can affect whether or not flies are attracted to the skin of the horse.  Optimum electrolyte balance in skin moisture has an evolved signal that repels flying insects. So they will leave your Equiwinner treated horse alone.

Here are two different situations where flies are leaving these horses in peace after an Equiwinner treatment.

AQHA trainer Deanna Searles has been using Equiwinner for 4+ years on horses that have trouble sweating in the Arizona summer heat.  She's just found another reason to use it.  Click on the video to learn what's new.

One fly magnet in a big barn!

WPRA World Champion barrel racer Mary Burger has been using Equiwinner for 5 years.  At first, it was to treat for bleeding and tying-up but now she's using it on her healthy 3 year old. Click on the video to find out what happened.

Rescue me from the flies!

If you've got a fly magnet in the barn or a horse that always wants to be rescued from flies in the paddock, try Equiwinner now so you'll know what to do next summer. Order early!

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