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Former headshaker, now national champion, moves up to compete internationally!

Published January 8, 2020

Champion barrel racer, Kim Picard of Drummondville, Quebec, didn’t expect too much from Tiger. The quarter horse she had bought almost a decade ago turned out to be a headshaker.

“I didn’t have very high hopes for him back then,” she recalls. Nevertheless, the then-teenaged cowgirl was determined to train him for the sport she has loved ever since, one that requires tremendous speed and agility.

Like so many other horse owners and trainers, Kim tried everything to cure his condition. “Nothing worked. Even the most renowned veterinary hospital in Quebec had nothing to suggest beyond what I’d already tried. I was ready to give up on him and my dreams.”

Fast forward to 2019, when Kim and Tiger became her hoped-for dream team, placing first in the International Professional Rodeo Association’s Cowgirl Barrel Racing Canadian standings and eighth internationally! This means they’ll be competing in the IFR50 (International Finals Rodeo) in Guthrie, Oklahoma January 17-19, 2020.

What happened to transform a headshaker into a national champion, an international competitor and Kim’s dream-maker?

“A friend of mine in Texas suggested that I try Equiwinner. I couldn’t fathom how putting a patch on Tiger could possibly help but I had tried everything else, so why not? I had nothing to lose.

“It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Only seven days into the ten-day treatment, I saw an amazing improvement in Tiger. His headshaking had diminished by about 70 percent. His coat had returned to its original dark color and even now when I trailer and transport him long distances to compete, he arrives in great shape and ready to race!

“Equiwinner is no longer a novel nicety for Tiger and me – it’s an absolute necessity. I’m a firm believer in the product and a customer who is satisfied 200 percent! I recommend Equiwinner to all trainers and owners who want optimum health and peak performance from their horses. And who wouldn’t want that?”

Dream big with Equiwinner!

For more information about headshaking in horses, visit here.

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Equiwinner is a non-transdermal patch that’s all about making the horse’s own electrolytes function the way Nature intended. It’s safe, effective and easy to use. One single 10-day treatment can be effective for months, even up to one full year, when used as directed.

Equiwinner patches contain only natural balanced electrolytes. Nothing goes into the horse’s body – it simply recognizes the electrolytes in the patches and responds to them. There are no side effects and Equiwinner will never test positive in any competition, race, event or sport.

Since electrolytes are involved in every physiological process in the body, when you restore them to perfect health, several conditions disappear including bleeding, tying-up, anhidrosis and headshaking.

Proper electrolyte activity will also keep horses hydrated and improve their general performance and health.

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