Eliminate Winter Blanket Zap

It's not the blanket. It's the horse.
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Eliminate winter blanker zap with Equiwinner.

Winter Blanket Zap?  You don't have to buy a new blanket or a new horse.

Published December 12, 2015

If you or your horse is getting shocked by static electricity when removing horse blankets, there’s an easy long lasting solution. An article in Horse Journal last October 2014 had plenty of suggestions on how to deal with the problem and mentioned that “The same blanket will be fine on one horse, while another may be zapped from it . . .” It’s not the blanket that is the problem. It’s the horse. So, instead of treating the symptoms, let’s take care of the cause of the problem!

A horse that is not hydrated well enough will have a drier coat than a well hydrated horse. The drier the coat hairs, the more static electric shock there will be. A 10-day treatment with Equiwinner will improve the horse’s hydration and add moisture to the horse’s coat. Static electric shock will be history, at least for the rest of the winter. So give your horse Equiwinner for Christmas so your time spent together will be less stressful!

Remember, good hydration is more about how well it works internally. If you’re tricking a horse into drinking with flavored water or top dressing feed with salt, the horse may drink more water but will not be much healthier. That water will go in one end and out the other end without doing what’s necessary in between unless the electrolytes are working properly.

For more info on hydration, go here.

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