Remember A Boy named Sue by Johnny Cash?

This is the horse version dream come true.

Equiwinner™ helps another dream come true.

Published July 8, 2020

“I have worked around horses most of my life. My best horse came along last year. I named him Suzygottanewheart in honor of my baby sister’s heart battle in 2018. It was a courageous battle for eight months in the University of Michigan Hospital cardiac care. As you can see, it ended well with her receiving a new heart." But John Goodyear, a standardbred owner/trainer in Michigan, thought his dream for his horse had vanished.

Suzygottanewheart, Michigan State Champion

Remember A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash?

"We call him Bob, he doesn’t like being called Suzy. He was doing well in his training last year early. He then seemingly fell apart, EPM, soreness, it seemed hopeless. While on a layoff, I tried Equiwinner patches, along with other treatments.

"In his first start back he won by ten lengths. The next start, my largest win of my lifetime, the Michigan Sire Stakes, he won that by ten lengths also. Next three races were good, they weren’t wins, but that’s expected. He then finished the summer by winning his last three races. The final race was the Great Lakes stake, he won by a nose. He won enough for state champion for two year old trotters. I’ve ordered some patches again, our three year old season starts July 13. Hopefully another great summer.”  

So dream big, because good things happen when electrolytes work properly!

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