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These 2016 Barrel Racing Champions Depend on Equiwinner for Good Reason.

Published January 9, 2017

2016 WPRA World Champion Mary Burger and the repeat Canadian Rodeo Champion Nancy Csabay have more in common than being iconic repeat masters in the sport of barrel racing. Both equestrians now use Equiwinner on their winning horses.

Nancy Csabay has been depending on Equiwinner for 3 years to keep her mare Little Miss Wicked “in peak performance and wanting to do her job”. After already qualifying 4 times for the Canadian Finals Rodeo, did Equiwinner make a difference? Nancy thinks so. In 2014, Nancy was named CFR Cowgirl of the Year. In 2015, Nancy became the Canadian barrel racing champion and Wicked was named Barrel Horse with the Most Heart. Last year, Nancy won the Canadian championship again!

Mary Burger started using Equiwinner a few months before the 2016 WNFR in Las Vegas because Mo had tied up. Mary credits Equiwinner in helping her succeed at the NFR because “Mo has not tied up since I’ve used Equiwinner, and my backup horse has not bled since his treatment either”. Officially, Equiwinner is now recommended by #1.

You should depend on Equiwinner too. When your horse’s electrolytes work properly, you’ll get better health and performance. Many health issues can be treated or avoided altogether because Smart Electrolytes™ know how to take care of your horse, Confused electrolytes will leave your horse with less energy, poorer circulation and hydration and at risk for, you know, all those things that can go wrong.

So, give your horse better health this year. Get Equiwinner for any bleeding, tying-up, headshaking or sweating problems. For all your other horses that don’t have those problems, make sure they are comfortable in their own skin. When electrolytes work properly, a horse should have a beautiful coat that isn’t itchy and doesn’t get zapped with static electric shock from winter blankets. And better circulation will help your horse stay warm this winter. Your horse deserves to be comfortable.

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