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March 3, 2022

Equiwinner™ Signs On 3rd Day Endurance Racing as Newest Sponsored Stable

Learn why 3rd Day Endurance Racing has been using Equiwinner for so many years in this press release.   Read more


August 10, 2021

It's fly season.  Equiwinner to the rescue.

Flies prefer to bite some horses more than others. Read more


July 8, 2020

Remember A Boy named Sue by Johnny Cash?

This is the horse version dream come true. Read more


April 6, 2020

Fundamentals are not an option, even during down times.

When electrolytes work properly, you'll notice it in your horse even when not competing. Read more


March 13, 2020

Make the best of a bad situation with Equiwinner.

If the new coronavirus is giving you some down time, now's an ideal time to treat for EIPH bleeding. Read more


January 16, 2020

Equiwinner keeps horses hydrated, no matter where, no matter when.

So you can make your own whatever, wherever and whenever plans with confidence. Read more


January 8, 2020

Equiwinner delivers hope and results so you can dream big.

Former headshaker, now national champion, moves up to compete internationally! Read more


May 24, 2019

Worried about how hard summer is on your horse?

If your horse suffered from headshaking, sweet itch or anhidrosis last summer, don't just cross your fingers.  Get prepared. Read more


February 19, 2019

Horses shaking their heads. Researchers still shaking theirs as to why.

Past research on idiopathic headshaking included surgery. The latest research is surprisingly much gentler. Read more


May 22, 2018

Need help with sweet itch? Equiwinner does that too.

Horses would rather be healthy and naked than wearing blankets and fly masks. Read more


April 18, 2018

Can Healthy & Fit Horses Handle the Heat Well?

The FEI has some doubts! Read more


February 25, 2018

Shipping horses just got a lot easier.

Using Equiwinner™ on horses in trailers helps them adjust to different climates and with stress during transport. Read more


May 4, 2017

Is Your Horse Healthy Enough to Handle the Summer Heat?

Did you know not all horses that sweat are healthy? Read more


January 9, 2017

These 2016 Champions Depend on Equiwinner for Good Reason.

2016 WPRA World Champion Mary Burger and the repeat Canadian Rodeo Champion Nancy Csabay have more in common than being iconic repeat masters in the sport of barrel racing. Read more


September 14, 2016

Could Your Healthy Horse Use an Unfair Advantage?

Find out what happened when Canadian Champion Header Troy Fischer treated his family herd of horses. Read more


August 2, 2016

When Not Sweating is Not Obvious, Take the Guess Work Out of It.

Sometimes labored breathing, a natural response to overheating, is suspected of being a respiratory issue . . . Read more


March 1, 2016

Did you know? Electrolytes can be SMART, or NOT.

When comparing healthy horses to unhealthy ones, researchers found that electrolytes don’t always do what they’re supposed to do. Read more


December 12, 2015

Eliminate Winter Blanket Zap.

It’s not the blanket that is the problem. It’s the horse. Read more


September 28, 2015

How well does Equiwinner work on bleeding EIPH?

Race horses treated for bleeding are now beating track/arena records. Read more


March 25, 2015

Want a Performance Edge? Make Sure Your Horse is Sweating Efficiently.

Proper thermoregulation will make hard work seem easier. Read more   Watch Video


July 15, 2014

Don't Underestimate the POWER of Good Hydration.

When the horse’s electrolyte balance is disturbed and hydration deteriorates, tissue contraction occurs and blood volume decreases, carrying less oxygen throughout the body. Read more


April 9, 2014

Equiwinner Simplifies Summer Horse Care in Many Ways.

You want to stay focused on training and winning but it seems that every summer, things don't go as smoothly as planned. Equiwinner will make life easier in many important ways . . . Read more


January 14, 2014

Keeping Horses Hydrated in Winter Can be a Challenge.

Horses need to drink MORE in winter if their forage has changed from moisture rich pasture to dry hay. And yet, horses aren’t as keen on cold water so may, in fact, drink LESS. Read more


June 25, 2013

Don't Miss the Signs of Inefficient Sweating: Here's a Checklist.

Summertime – and the livin’ is NOT always easy for horse owners and trainers. With the hottest temperatures of the year just around the corner, it’s more important than ever to know if a horse is sweating adequately and, if not, to correct the problem. Read more


April 4, 2013

Is your horse ready for the summer heat?

Make sure your horse is as healthy as can be this summer to be able to handle the stress from the coming heat and humidity. Healthy horses always sweat efficiently. Read more