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Hydration is EVERYTHING. Make sure it works properly.
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Does your horse have a drinking problem?

A horse will get thirsty and drink readily when there is an increase in extracellular fluid sodium concentration in the body. This extracellular sodium concentration is managed by a sophisticated electrolyte balancing system, or homeostasis. If a horse doesn’t drink enough to stay hydrated, it is because this system has failed, and the thirst signal is not triggered. Equiwinner restores the proper balance of electrolytes in horses so the thirst signal gets triggered when necessary. The horse will drink enough on his own to stay well hydrated.

Good hydration is not just about how much a horse drinks. Good hydration depends on how that water is used internally. These photos are a good example. This horse began drinking more water with Equiwinner and that water was doing its job rehydrating this horse’s hooves. The quality of the hoof, frog and sole improved almost immediately and the cracks he’s lived with for 7 years have filled in and are growing out.

Good hydration is everything! At a critical level, horse dehydration increases the risk of impaction colic and reduces athletic potential. But even some little things can improve with good hydration and a proper balance of electrolytes in horses. A well hydrated horse will not get zapped with static electric shock when removing blankets in winter because the horse’s coat is also well hydrated.

Horse owners who monitor hydration carefully take steps to ensure horses stay hydrated. Feeding salt to create thirst or adding sugary flavors to water may get a horse to drink more but the water will go in one end and come out the other end without doing what’s necessary in between. The underlying electrolyte imbalance still leaves the horse in an unhealthy state.

Get better hydration with Smart Electrolytes™. Equiwinner does that!

Equiwinner does not work around the problem but goes straight to the cause. Equiwinner is a patented, non-transdermal patch which serves as a natural electrolyte-balancing system. These electrolyte balancing patches are safe, effective and easy to use. The simple ten-day treatment costs less than continuously trying to treat or manage symptoms. One single treatment can be effective for up to one full year, when used as directed. The patches contain only natural balanced electrolytes, and nothing goes into the body of the horse. The horse’s body recognizes the electrolytes in the patches and responds to them. There are no side effects.

Hydration in winter: Drinking water temperatures can affect consumption of water during cold weather because horses often do not like to drink colder water. In addition, horses with sensitive teeth, especially the older ones, may refuse to drink cold water. So, although Equiwinner is a systemic solution to horse dehydration, there may always be other factors that can cause hydration problems. Be sure to watch each horse’s water consumption to determine if you need to take the chill off the water you provide. It is commonly thought that the best water temperature for horses is from 45 to 65 degrees.

Note to Endurance Riders: Equiwinner will restore an optimum balance of electrolytes in horses without upsetting a sensitive stomach. Guaranteed!

How quickly can Equiwinner improve a 50-mile endurance ride?

Ellen Rosenberg was competing in the AERC Lead Follow 50-mile endurance ride at McDowell Mtn Reg Park in AZ Nov 11, 2017 and her horse was not drinking well. After the first 25 miles, she put an Equiwinner patch on her horse, on a sweaty rump. Patches should be applied to dry coats, so this patch fell off after a while. Did it make a difference?  Watch the video to find out.

Helping OTTBs transition to new careers.

"I got a new horse in off the track this week (his name is Carpenters Call, a stakes winner and graded stakes placed gelding that came to KY from Belmont Park) and he wasn't drinking as much water as I liked and subsequently started going off his feed. I started him on a round of patches and within 24 hours he started drinking better and by 36-48 hours he was back to eating normally! His connections (owner, trainer and breeder) all had the time of their life with him as a stakes winning racehorse, and they're all so excited about what the future holds for him off the track. I'm thankful that Equiwinner will help him make that transition a bit more smoothly (and more hydrated!)."

Jen Roytz, Brownstead Farm, Versailles, KY

More drinking success stories:

"We were having problems with dehydration during long distance transport. This would cause serious performance issues. These patches work, period! Since using the patches, we have seen drastic improvement."

Eric Ell, trainer of JL Cruze, 2015 Dan Patch Champion

“For the first time ever we were able to do three days in a row at the Mount Carmel endurance ride. My mare drank very well on the trail the entire day. And she also ate grass very well on the trail every day. This is unprecedented behavior for her. I also noticed that her coat is shouted out very shiny with dapples. It is usually very dry, like it is sunburned. So I am going to say using the patch for 10 days was a success.”

Sheila Walsh, Competitive Endurance Rider, Flagstaff, AZ

“I have always struggled with horse hydration issues on endurance rides and decided to try Equiwinner patches. On my first 30 mile ride on a new horse after the treatment, my horse stayed very well hydrated throughout the ride, passing each vet check. I did not use anything else but the Equiwinner patches. At each water stop, my horse drank water readily but not to excess. I am impressed and would recommend Equiwinner to anyone with horse hydration problems. It’ll be one less thing to worry about.”

Rodne LeCouteur, Great Lakes Distance Riding Association Competitive Endurance Rider