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About Signal-Health

Signal-Health is based in Mesa, Arizona.  We are the North American distributor of Equiwinner™ patches.

Equiwinner patches are the brainchild of Warren Ward, an aetiologist based in the United Kingdom. An aetiologist (also spelled etiologist) is a doctor or researcher who specializes in the origins or causes of disease.

Dissatisfied that the causes of so many chronic horse conditions remained unknown and the best treatments relied on hit-and-miss, “try it and see” methods, he focussed his research on the causes through the science of aetiology.

In 2002, he found the answer. His many years of scientific research and experimentation resulted in the Equiwinner patch and his company, EquusFirst Ltd (UK), began manufacturing and distributing it globally.

Trademarked and protected by patents granted and pending worldwide, Warren’s invention has been proven time and time again to successfully stop bleeding (EIPH), non-sweating (anhidrosis), tying-up, headshaking, and keeps horses hydrated.

You can find out more about exactly how Equiwinner works here. And you can read how trainers and horse owners (both professional and recreational) have found success with Equiwinner here.

Signal-Health is proud to be the North American distributor of choice for Warren Ward’s revolutionary product.

Nothing pleases us more than to hear from a delighted horse owner who had given up hope, only to regain a happy, healthy horse in ten days or less! That’s what Equiwinner can do. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll give your money back. Our reputation, and Warren’s, are riding on it.

Human Health

Did you know that the horse’s physiology is closer to our own than most other animals’? Horses and humans both rely on skin sweating as the main method of cooling during heat or exercise.

It’s only natural then that the inventor of Equiwinner™ in the UK has developed products for human health based on that company’s revolutionary research.

Here are some links for more information, or to order online exclusively from our parent company in the UK. (Please note: These products are currently not available for sale in the United States or Canada.)

www.ionextra.com for blood pressure

www.skinmarvel.com for various skin conditions

www.agilityplus.com for improved muscle function