Equiwinner Keeps Skin & Coat Healthy

It’s not about feeding more electrolytes. It’s about making them work properly.

Horse got an itch?  Is it a bacterial or fungal infection?  Worse, if allergies are suspected when a horse has a skin condition, it’s a real headache with long term consequences.  But, it might be much simpler than that.  The horse is naturally protected from skin microbes by salt (electrolytes) in perspiration.  Even the eyes are protected by the salt in their tears.  Problems can occur when that salt balance is compromised.  However, when the exact correct balance of electrolytes is present in normal perspiration, the horse’s natural defense against normal skin microbes works as nature intended.  Equiwinner does that!  Restore electrolyte balance and many skin conditions will disappear.

Equiwinner does not work around the problem, but goes straight to the cause. Equiwinner is a patented, non-invasive dermal patch which serves as a natural electrolyte-balancing system. These electrolyte balancing patches are safe, effective and easy to use. The simple 10-day treatment costs less than continuously trying to treat or manage symptoms. One single treatment can be effective for up to one full year, when used as directed. The patches contain only natural balanced electrolytes, and nothing goes into the body of the horse. The horse’s body recognizes the electrolytes in the patches and responds to them. There are no side effects.



A Horse of a Different Color!

Before-After 2They say that beauty is only skin deep.  We beg to differ.  Hessel, a 10 year old Friesian, in Queen Creek, AZ, was becoming dull and brown looking. After one Equiwinner treatment, his coat was restored to a beautiful dark shiny black, the color he was meant to be.  Obviously, Hessel is now healthier because he looks better, naturally, and without any special coat supplements. This is a great example of what can happen when electrolytes work properly.  Hessel is the picture of health!